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The AI of Creating A Winning Webinar Story

  • Beejal
    Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

What’s The Most Important Part of Your Webinar?

I help many of my clients create webinars, and if you’ve watched several webinar, you’ll start to see patterns and formulas that are used to create a successful webinar.

  • Opening
  • Instructions and Ground Rules
  • The problem the webinar addresses
  • The personal story
  • The educational content
  • The solution
  • The offer
  • The call to action

What would you say is the most important part of the webinar? Your Story!

The following is from a post a friend shared via Facebook, it’s pretty profound so I decided to repost it.

I have not shared his name here, but if you’d like to contact him for help with your webinar, please contact me and I will be happy to connect you, if you’re serious about getting help for your webinar.

Note: Towards the end of this blog, I share my AI formula for creating a compelling story for your webinar.


What is the most important part of your webinar (and why 95% of the people I speak to are doing this wrong) I’m often asked a simple question:

“What part of my webinar is the most important?”

Answer: Your personal story

Let’s look at the facts:

– Tony Robbins isn’t the most highly accredited NLP trainers, yet he’s paid the most and fills out events

– Neale Donald Walsch isn’t the most established theologian but he’s sold millions of copies of Conversations with God

– Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t have a Harvard MBA, but his financial planning advice has earned him millions

What do Tony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsch and Robert Kiyosaki have in common? They have all built their careers based on one thing, their personal story.

We all know Tony Robbins story, it started at Thanksgiving when his family were delivered the turkey, then Tony talks about running on the beach with his heavy headphones and writing his goals, then Tony talks about when his company went public and he made half a billion dollars, but felt empty inside.

We all know Neale Donald Walsch’s story. He had a good career and a decent life, then he was played the triple whammy in 1 week(where he lost his job, his wife and his health in 1 week following an accident), then he started venting on that yellow legal pad and his conversations started happening. Likewise, Robert Kiyosaki and many other celebrity expert all have stories we are familiar with.

The reason why we are familiar with them is because they are personal. More importantly, they are personable. They all resonate with us, we can be with them as they tell it. Due to these well-crafted stories, Tony, Neale and Robert can quickly build rapport with us and that’s why they have out-sold and out-positioned all of their more better-qualified competitors.

Most of the webinars I watch and critique have poor personal stories that go on and on and on. They are not stories, they are resumes. They are designed to impress, not to connect. They are designed to put themselves on a pedestal, not to show that they have been on the same journey as you.

As a result of this, the personal connection is not built. There is no rapport and, seeing that people buy from people, this explains why their webinars lack engagement and do not perform as well as they should do.

If your personal story reads like your resume, consider changing it. After all, Tony, Neale and Robert could easily quote their resume and impress their audiences more than any of us probably can, but they still use the same story now as when they started, because they know how important that story is and, more importantly, how important it is, through repetition that their audience knows it too.

-By A ‘Trusted Resource’


So what’s the formula and essence of the crafting your story?

Start by stepping into the listeners shoes, and use my AI formula for crafting your story.

The AI of Creating A Compelling Story For Your Webinar:

Authentic, Benefit, Captivating, Determined, Empathy, Feelings, Genius, Humble, Inspired.

  • Be Authentic, so many speakers lie about their accomplishment.
  • The story needs to Benefit the listener. What can they learn from your story that’s going to benefit them?
  • Make your story Captivating, especially in the beginning and end, it’s what people will remember most.
  • Show that that you were Determined to find a solution (for their benefit now)
  • The listener should feel Empathy towards you after hearing about your struggles. Will they be able to relate to you?
  • People do not remember the details of the content, they remember Feelings! Can you make them angry, cry, and laugh while they’re listening to your story?
  • Demonstrate your Genius (give them a reason to work with you)
  • Remain Humble not arrogant.
  • Inspire the listener.

By no means is this the only formula for creating a compelling story, but the more of the AI formula you can include in your story, the closer you’re going to get to creating a winning formula.


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Beejel will take you on an adventure through your past, present and future, and
he’ll reveal the 7 questions you need to be able to answer with clarity to create true success in your life.

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