Would You Like to Live Your Life with Greater
Clarity, Direction and Balance?


The 'Seed of Power' Program - Will Enable You To Discover The Gifts of Your Past, Unlock The Secrets of Your Personality & Tune Into Your True Potential, Abilities, Talents and Passions

Beejal Parmar
Beejal Parmar

By using this program, Beejal Parmar in less than 3 years, has been able to help hundreds of clients around the world to drastically change the path of their lives in ways none of them could ever imagine. Using the powerful insights presented in “The Seed of Power” they are giving true direction and purpose to their lives, obtaining success, abundance and joy!.

The Seed of Power is designed to help you understand your natural behavior, preferences, motivators, talents and afterwards create a clear life vision and a timeline for succ ess based on your unique personality, that will enable you to focus your strength and develop greater mental resilience, power, prosperity and much more!!!

The deeper meaning of the name

The name of the program is comprised of 3 words, ‘True’, ‘Success’, and ‘Compass’, and when the 3 words

True: The word ‘True’ is used to encourage you to live a life ‘true’ to your authentic self, your dreams, passions, purpose and not someone else’s expectations of you or the direction life sometimes takes you.

Success: The word success is not used in the conventional sense (def: the achievement of something desired) in this context it means having the courage to walk your life path while overcoming the challenges the path may bring.

Compass: We include the word ‘Compass’, because just as a compass is an instrument or device to help you find the right direction, take the right path, this program will help you create a compass that will help you choose your life path and make better life choices in alignment with your true self.

Your true potential might have been buried below demands of life, difficult moments and emotional scars

  • Have you ever felt like you have a lack of direction in your life?
  • Do you feel confused because you always seem to be making wrong decisions?
  • Are you tired of struggling in your business or career?

Well, if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, chances are that probably you’re not in tune with your true inner nature, you are fighting against yourself and even more so, you’re losing the battle.

But don’t worry, most people really don't know themselves. Many go through their whole lives not knowing their true personality and thus never reach their full potentials.

Why does this happens? Is there a way to stop it? Is there a way to prevent this? - The answer is YES! In fact, Seed of Power is the program I would have liked to have for myself many years ago.

Don't Make The Same Mistake I Did!

Let me explain it in a very short story...

In 2000 I left my full time job, convinced with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, but after years of hard dedicated work missteps took me over and over back to where I started, It seemed like every attempt to achieve success turned into failure.

In February of 2009, I had reached the lowest point in my life. I was living in San Diego and was dead broke. I was in so much pain, confusion and despair that for a brief moment I even thought the only way to secure a financial future for my family was my $1,000,000 life insurance policy...

I had a great work ethic, but as hard as I was trying, I just couldn't get the results. Desperate to succeed, I tried so many different ways, ideas, advice, programs... you name it...but still nothing.

I was Tired of Working Too Hard with Little to No Substantial Results

Have you ever felt like that too?

Today, I live a great lifestyle, traveling around the world with my family. I feel completely focused on my purpose everyday and I speak on stages around the world teaching others how I managed to succeed, how to unlock the secrets of their personality to keep life in balance, how to create a lifeplan and objective timelines based on one’s personality to achieve better and faster results.

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Now I’m glad to say that those days are over

So… What Changed?

To cut a long story short, the reason why I was failing was that I wasn’t acting in tune with my personality. I realized that true success comes from self-mastery, which in turn comes from self-awareness. As I started to meet financially successful people, I realized that they all seem to come from personal strength, and I realized the importance of aligning one's inner self with the right opportunity.

I started to look at how to better develop self awareness... I researched many tools, and I realized that there were 7 key areas of personality one needed to become aware of to better understand one's own personality... and thus I created the Seed of Power program.

In time I managed to organize all these ideas and tools into a simple, fast system for:

  • Attracting wealth
  • Gaining clarity and direction in my life
  • Overcoming limitations
  • Achieving greater success and happiness
  • Connecting to my potential
  • Accomplishing goals and personal milestones

Results were astounding! It’s like having a custom made map with instructions on how to succeed 100% tailored to your own personality considering your true strengths and weakness

Just Imagine, how Amazing would it be to have a Success Compass in your life too!

When you create your Seed of Power it will do more than help you make better life choices. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for your entire life journey, you’ll have learned powerful ways to view your past, present and future, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your potential… not some ‘wishful thinking’ outlandish vision that even you don’t believe is possible, but a tangible, practical life vision built upon the building blocks of your past, the power of who you are today, and the the potential of who you can become and what you can truly achieve that honors your truth.

Look, here’s a Summary of what you’re about to Discover with this Program

Beejal Parmar
  • How to save years of wasted time and money doing things that do not match your personality
  • How to create your Seed of Power based on your unique traits
  • 7 Keys to unlock the true strength of your unique personality in less than 30-days
  • A proven methodology to help you uncover your real passions and purpose in life
  • The key aspects of your psyche you MUST consider to make the right decisions
  • What professions, ventures or tasks best suite your personality
  • Several hidden things about who you are that you you don’t even know!
  • What is the best way to direct your energy and focus create a balanced successful life
  • Why 95% of people who want to attract wealth will FAIL and how to avoid this
  • Little known secrets to be in tune with your inner self that most successful people do naturally
  • PLUS - Boat loads of more proven hints, tips and ideas for you...

After going through the 'Seed of Power' program, you will be able to make better life and career decisions, keep your mind in balance, AND, achieve your goals and objectives… Because it's all based upon YOU!!!

5 Module
Hero’s Adventure

This module is an exploration of your past, to identify gifts, repeated patterns, forgotten dreams and abandoned passions, failures, regrets, hate, anger, etc. Together we will explore and identify pivotal TIME- Lashes, and TIME-Line Clearing principles. You’ll also extract from this your greatest learnings, the many gifts from your experiences that can help you on your Hero’s Success Path.

VIP Matrix (Value In Your Personality)

Society often judges you by their perception of your ‘bank account’ and ‘material belongings’. And thus, we often look in the mirror and think the same way. In times of challenges, we tend to forget the value of who we are. This module will help you ‘explore’ and ‘uncover’ the hidden value of who you are, the value of your life experiences, educations, connections. Your concept of self value will be dramatically be changed!

Personality Smart

This module helps people dive deeper into 6 areas of their personality:

  • Preference: how do you prefer to behave (tests: DISC, MBTI, PRISM, etc.)
  • Proficiency: what you are good at (strength-finder and natural intelligence test)
  • Passion: What you love doing, (does not have to be money making)
  • Principles: Identify and prioritize your values (and analyze possible value conflicts)
  • Purpose: Identify underlying motivations. (Can be added to by Dr Reiss work)
  • Physical: What are your physical abilities and limitations
Creative Life Visioning

This module helps you create a compelling life vision for your future, not based on airy fairy wishful thinking, but a practical approach to what is truly possible. Exercises include learning to ‘Ask for What You Really Want’ and the ‘Deathbed’ exercise: “Imagine you’re on your deathbed, the final few days of your life, what regrets would you have about things you did not accomplish?”. The module takes you through an easy to follow systematic way of creating a life vision that reads like a movie trailor, one that wants you to work towards it

Empower Your Change

In this final module we look at the ‘Golden Realm of Reality’, the boundary between where you are today and where you desire to be, what needs to change, how do you take the steps towards the new you, towards your success adventure. You will learn several powerful process that will help you ask powerful questions, the answer to which will help you empower your change.

We’re Making This Affordable For Everyone

As I said previously, Seed of Power is the program I would have liked to have for myself many years ago. I believe that this kind of education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances. That’s why even though you’re getting the exact same secrets that helped hundreds of people to give direction to their lives for an affordable price, and you don’t need to , we are not charging thousands of dollars for this course as you might expect.

Why? Because we want to get this into that hands of as many people as we can, and help you live a life full of purpose and self awareness.

Is This Program Right For You?

I am often asked, “is this program for me?”, “how is this different from other programs?”.

The real answer is I don’t know, however, having helped many people around the world, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call with me. I’ll ask you a few questions, you can ask me your questions, and we can take it from there. The program is available as coaching model, a 1-2 day intensive and digital program. If you’re interested to learn more, please schedule a time to chat, and we can take it from there.

I look forward to chatting to you.

Until then, I wish you much success and happiness, live your true life adventure

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