Beejel Parmar's
Rapid Profit Mastery Bootcamp
Do You Feel Stuck or Experiencing Resistance In Your Business?
Are You Struggling To Create The Results You Desire?
Would You Like To Achieve Better Faster Easier Results In Your Business?

If You Answered YES, This Bootcamp is For YOU:


This is a by invitation only bootcamp limited to 8-12 people.

All participants must apply and qualify to attend.


3 Day Bootcamp 20-22nd July 2017, Henderson, NV

We conveniently start at 1.00pm on Thursday and finish by 4.30pm on Sat

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During the 3-day bootcamp you’ll:

You will leave with a strategy and plan of action you have the ability and confidence to implement.

The process has been designed around top performer and top performing teams, and enhanced to address all the reason people DON’T and DO achieve success.



Are you are truly taking the time to review business and personal performance?

Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with your core values, purpose, vision and missions?

Is your plan encompassing bridging from vision to strategy to actions?

Are you being realistic about the investment of time, effort, money and resources to implement your plan?

Are you taking the time to debug what’s stopping you, holding you back, and impeding you?

If you answered YES, you the RAPID PROFITS MASTERY bootcamp is not for you. Congratulations, you’re in the top 3% of entrepreneurs who do.

However, if you answered NO… CONGRATULATIONS… the RAPID PROFITS MASTERY bootcamp was created for YOU.

The RAPID PROFITS MASTERY bootcamp was created to help entrepreneurs and business owners address the above 5 issues and accelerate their business results.


Interested? Read On:

First, think about this: how many strategies, methods, concepts have you learned, YET, you have not implemented effectively, if at all? Access to knowledge, people, resources and even money is NOT what’s holding you back!

Beejel Parmar

Personal Note From Beejel Parmar

If you are reading this, it’s for one of a few reasons, I have invited you, a client has referred, or you read a post that led you here. No matter how you got here, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, there’s a good chance I can help you:

My name is Beejel Parmar, speaker, trainer and business coach, consultant advisor since 2011.

Over the past several years, I have personally helped hundred of business owners from all around the world.

I have a gift, and that’s an ability to help business owners imagineer ideas, innovate and implement their strategies.

In April 2015, after co-facilitating a 3-Day marketing events, I was travelling from LA to India, where I was living with my family at the time. I had this pit in the stomach feeling. I came to a realization that ‘traditional’ mastermind format had it benefits, good networking… the reality was that most business owners were leaving such events confused, overwhelmed and planless.

This was situation (yes, that’s my word for challenge, problem, obstacle) I wanted to find a better solution for.

Over the next few months I went back to the drawing board, I met with performances coaches, project managers from leading tech companies and created a brand new program.

I first facilitated the program with a test group in India, and I have been facilitating the bootcamp since May 2015, hundreds of entrepreneurs have attended and learned the 5 step process.

After arriving back in the US in Sept 2015 I facilitated this program as Beyond Results program… However, there was still something missing from my approach.

Even though clients were leaving with detailed plans, many were still not implementing the steps.

To cut a long story short, they were facing what we call emotional or energetic blocks. We found a way to identify what they are and ‘debug’ our clients and helped them activate higher flow states… and that’s when the ‘miracles’ started to happen.

So, with that said and done… I now invite you to attend the 3-Day workshop and discover how learning this process, taking part in our processes will dramatically transform your business and help you improve your performance and increase profits.

Performing in Your Active Flow Zone

At the core of the RPM Bootcamp is an underlying 5 part process which helps you shift towards performing in your active flow zone :

During the bootcamp you will learn Beejel’s 5 step R.A.P.I.D.
process that you can use with your employees and team.

Rapid Performance Method

Past attendees share why the RAPID Profit Mastery Program is different from other programs and why attending will help you achieve accelerated results.

EVERYONE leaves the RAPID Profit Mastery Bootcamp with greater alignment, detailed implementable 90-day action plan, a time-money-resources investment overview, key resources identified, greater awareness of what’s holding them back AND what to do about it...OR YOUR MONEY BACK !!!


When you attend the RPM Bootcamp, You Will Also Get 12 Months Access to our Comprehensive 'E-Learning Marketing Academy’ Value: $1296


Here’s what you get as part of the ‘E-Learning Marketing’ Academy:


You must have an existing business.

Must be able to contribute expertise to group.

Everyone is interviewed and qualified.




You Get ALL This For Only


RE-LAUNCH SPECIAL: Secure your place at the next bootcamp for Only $1080 Today


If I am not able to ethically win you over and convinced that I have an uncanny ability to help you with your strategy, marketing, planning AND identify and help you clear blocks impeding your performance, THUS, help you achieve better faster easier results and thus increase your profits... you pay me nothing more. We shake hands, we hug and we part as friends.

I will go one step further...

If you find no value in the 3 Days, and you feel it's been a waste of your time... I will refund you 100%.

My commitment to you is to take you through a process that will uncover why you’re not performing at your best, and help you realign to your vision, mission, values, purpose, personality… and to help you identify fears, blocks and limitations and to help you work through them.

Attend ALL 3 days and by end of day 3 if you don't have clarity on what to do, if you don’t have a 90 day action plan, simply ask for your money back, we will issue you a full refund.

However, if you see the value of the entire program, and you know it makes 100% sense, you simply pay the balance.

Fair Enough?


I know you need this.... and you might know you need this.... but this might be the first time we're meeting in person. I'm not sure how you got here... but if you are reading this 'the fine print' then I want to make this an easy and stress free decision for you.

With so many programs out there that also offer 'bold promises', this one comes with my personal assurance.

There's no 'handlers' or 'sales consultants'... I keep my events small and intimate, we really get some in-depth work done.

But, words really can't do justice to the experience...

I hope I've at least got you thinking seriously about attending.

SO, if you you're interested and feeling compelled to do this, contact me today.

-Beejel Parmar

100% money back guarantee

Ready to learn the 5-Step system for achieving faster easier better results… more happily?

If YES, then take the next step and schedule time to chat to me:

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About Beejel

Beejel Parmar is an international speaker, trainer, author, and global lifestyle entrepreneur. He is the creator of the Personality Success Blueprint Program and author of Personality To Succeed. In addition he is Co-founder of, a social media marketing software development company.

Today he’s very grateful to be living a dream global lifestyle, but just a few years ago, it was a different story, he was broke and busted...

He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineer in 1992. Worked for a well established engineering company from 1992-2000. Joined a friend friend in business, moved to San Diego… and then life as he knew it was turned upside down…. Huge financial loss, betrayal, fraud, broken trust, loss of confidence… deep desire to simply giving up!

He used to tell people these were the rollercoaster years, but, he tells people that’s not accurate, “you choose to get on a rollercoaster, you can predict the twist and turns… no, life was more like turbulence… sudden, unexpected and unwanted.”

Today Beejel travels around the world inspiring entrepreneurs to overcome their fears, beliefs and attachments, to unlock the secrets and potential of their personality, to align their right personality with the right opportunity and create the life that possible for them.

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