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Your Sabotaging Money Myths & How To Reprogram Them

  • Beejal
    Friday, September 8th, 2017
The following was shared as a FB Live at 8.30am PST on the 8th September 2017.
I was working on new content for a 2-day workshop called ‘Free Your Flow’, and decided to share some of the content via a FB live.

Note: while this is work in progress, I hope it will still be of benefit to you.

We all have ‘myths’ around the subject of money. Be you a billionaire, millionaire, seasoned entrepreneur, a professional, career or a money/wealth coach.

These myths are both conscious and subconscious.

We have created these myths during our life experiences, your timeline.

Some people, it would be more accurate to say, a lot of people… have sabotaging money stories, which I refer to as ‘Sabotaging Money Myths’.

Why ‘myths’?

The etymology of the word ‘myth’ is the greek word ‘mythos’, translated to the english word ‘lie’.

So a myth is essentially a false truth we have accepted.

A ‘mental emotional myth’ contains {limiting beliefs, false beliefs, fears, parental beliefs, media beliefs, cultural beliefs, historical beliefs, educational beliefs, and all round B.S. for good measure!}

And boy, have we accepted a lot of BS about our beliefs around money! (not to mention, relationships, parenting, health, and a bunch of other stuff that matters in this thing called life!

Credit where credit is due (no pun intended)

Before I go on, I want to acknowledge a few people. Even though I have heard and studied variations of what I am about to tell you, I have never taken the time to dive deeper into this work until a few months ago when I started to work with Dr. Aaron Orpelli, an allergy clearing and founder of the Psychosomatic Correction Technique and Brent Phillips, a MIT grad and higher consciousness teacher, both of whom are based in LA.

More recently, I was at Jon Block’s speaker training event two weeks ago, and his guest speaker was Wei Houng, a breakthrough coach who also happens to be in LA. (What’s with all these guys being in LA!). Wei presented the money reprogramming subject in an easy to digest manner, and I’ve borrowed some of his content and added to the work we were doing as part of Free Your Flow.

So a lot of the credit for what I am going to share with you was because of my interaction with Wei, Dr. Aaron, and Brent.

OK, let’s continue!

Subconscious 1 vs. Conscious 0

There are seminars you might attend, where the words “Millionaire Mind” and while it feels good in the moment, these conscious thoughts have very little power over the deeper more sabotaging money myths that exist in the subconscious.

It’s these ‘hidden’ subconscious beliefs, and money myths can impact your efforts, your ability to make money, your ability keep money, how much effort you invest to make money.

What am I talking about? Have you ever caught yourself saying, or even heard people say things like:

  • We can’t afford that
  • Rich people are thieves (or some variation)
  • I’m not good with money
  • Money does not grow on trees

And some of my personal favorites:

  • It’s not about the money
  • Money is not important
  • I’m not doing this for the money

Yeah, all seem innocent phrases, but all can help reveal some of our money myths.

The unconscious beliefs are part of your mental-emotional operating system, aka human operating system.

The good news is that you had the power to create these money myths, you also have the power to debug these myths and rewrite the myth into more beneficial programs.

So, how do you start to discover these money myths?

First, you have to be open to the fact that you might even have sabotage money myths… yes, no, maybe?

Now, let’s understand, sabotaging money myths does not mean you’ll have a challenge making money! Many a millionaire and billionaire, have their versions of money myths, sometimes in the forms of:

  • Not being able to keep the money
  • Afraid of losing all their money
  • Insecure about others attempting to take the money

For others, their emotional state is directly linked to money flowing and out. In a good month, the money they make makes them feel happy, and in a slow month, the lack of money makes them feel low, depressed, angry, resentful.

Can you relate? I can, so I with you on this journey. We ALL get to deal with this… fun right?

So how do we debug . reprogram the sabotaging money myths?

Here’s a 5 step process you can use, I call this the Money Myths Reprogramming Process:

  • Step 1: Reveal the clues
  • Step 2: Recall the origin story
  • Step 3: Realize the impact
  • Step 4: Release the emotions
  • Step 5: Rewrite what’s possible

Ready to have some fun and take the process for a ride?

Go ahead and grab a pen and paper.

Whoa! What just showed up for you, did you feel a little iffy, some resistance to doing some inner work. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and this is exactly why you might want to see what shows up for you!

OK, here we go with Step 1: Reveal The Artifacts

The subconscious is deep and vast, and does not like to give up it’s stories very easily, so you need to become a little bit like an archaeologist, and find hidden artifacts ‘bits of the myth’ that allow us to recall (step 2) the origin story of the myth.

How we do this:

You are going to see two sets of exercises. In the first exercise, you’ll read part of a statement, you will answer with the first thought that comes to mind.

TIP: Do not over think, don’t try and come up with the right answer or the politically correct answer, no one can read your mind! In most cases, the first answer that you become aware of, is the subconscious revealing what it really ‘feels / thinks’.

So you can keep track write down the exercise number, ie. A1 and then write the answer:

OK, here we go with Step 1:

Exercise A

A1) My fears about money ______

A2) Money equals _______

A3) When I have enough money I will be _______

A4) In order to have enough money I need to _______

A5) My father felt money was _____

A6) My father’s relationship to money _____

A7) When I was young, I think I heard my father say money is ______

A8) My mother felt money was _____

A9) My mother’s relationship to money _____

A10) When I was young, I think heard my mother say money is ______

A11) Money is not as important as ______

A12) I’m afraid if I have a lot of money people will _____

A13) If I have a lot of money people will ______

A14) If all my money is stolen I will feel _____

A15) If I lose all my money I will feel _____

A16) My culture believes money is ______

A17) My religion believes money is ______

A18) When I meet rich people it makes me feel _____

A19) When I meet poor people it makes me feel _____

A20) When I find ‘lost’ money I feel ____

Next, we’ll move onto Exercise B

Read the following series of statements, answer with a number from 0 to 10 [0 equals you don’t agree, 10 equals you strongly agree].

You only need to write the question number and you answer, example: B1 – 7

B1) I am successful

B2) I am good enough

B3) I am good at making money

B4) I am good at saving money

B5) I am good at investing money

B6) I am good at keeping money

B7) I deserve to be wealthy

B8) I deserve to be rich

B9) I attract money easily

B10) I am confident I will more than enough more

Now, here’s the thing, how you answered is not as important, as what the questions revealed for you.


Ok, so I’m going to be the first to state, this is not an exact science.

So what did the questions reveal, anything, something, nada, nothing? Hmmm?

Or did ‘poking’ your subconscious, help reveal some artifacts?

Remember, the purpose of Step 1 was simply to reveal some clues about your money myths, ‘shift the silt to find the gold’.

Let’s move into step 2:

Step 2: Recall the Origin Story

The next step is to identify the stories or myths that have stirred up for you.

Side note: If you’d like to share, feel free to post below or send me a PM, as mentioned, this development for new content so I appreciate the feedback.

Now there’s a few important things to note:

  1. What really happened is not as important as what you think might have happened
  2. This is not about finding fault
  3. This is not about blaming him or her
  4. Nor is this about having some cathartic or traumatic experience

Quite often our memories, or what we think are memories are not 100% accurate. We have the ability to fabricate memories.

So with that said, start thinking about the origins of your myths around money.

Step 3: Realise The Impact

Next we want to realise the impact these myths have had on us and what might happen if you allow these myths to prevail, or if you’re a parent, what impact might they have on your future, what about the future of your kids? Yes, we pass this ‘crap’ on!

Why is this important?

Well, if you can’t connect the dots between the origin story and your life today, you’re not going to be motivated to do the inner work required, it will be more like “Eh, that’s interesting…”

When you allow yourselves to realize the impact, you’re going to be more ready and committed to do the deeper inner work required… and it ain’t that as challenging as you might think!

Step 4: Release the blocks and resistance

The next step in the process is to release the emotional blocks and resistance

There are various processes and techniques.

For some people it literally is as easy as recognizing that they have a myth… and voila, just like that they are over it. If that’s you, congratulations.

For others, they might need to do some emotional releasing work.

There’s no one size fits all, no ‘one magic’ process.

You can test out NLP, hypnosis, recording audio’s, meditations, deep conscious breathing… there’s no one ‘guru’ who has a monopoly on neuro-emotional release work (no matter what you’ve been told by said guru!)

Personally, I get my best results working with someone else.

Hint: yes, I do this work with clients… just saying 🙂

With that said, this brings us to the final step:

Step 5: Rewrite The Belief / Rewrite Your Future Story

Still with me? I hope so.

We’ve come to the the final step in the process. This is where you get to rewrite the belief and what’s possible. Think about it, you are the subject of the story you’ve lived, the story you believe today, so why can’t you write the next chapter with the new beliefs?

Well you can, here’s how… pick up a pen, grab a sheet of paper… and write!

Did you know you can attend $10k seminars to be told pretty much the same thing?

What are the ‘money’ beliefs that you’d like to install into your human operating system?

Imagine you get to write brand new code for your mental-emotional operating system, and these new programs actually work…

Well, stop imaging and let’s get to it.

Take a few minutes and rewrite your code around money, what do you believe?

Next, and you might want to take more time over this one, write out what’s possible for you with these new empowering beliefs.

Too Simple?

Here’s what’s interesting, the process is so simple, most people will actually dismiss it. If you’re still with me, you might be one of ten people who’ll actually give themselves the gift of doing this.

Reality check: I’m not saying that your money matters are going to dramatically going to improve today or tomorrow, you probably won’t magically win the lottery, what I am saying that when you do this type of work, which is essentially greater self-awareness and pro-actively releasing the ‘stuff’ that might be impeding your efforts, you move towards greater flow in your life.

I wish I could make it more ‘intense and complex’, I mean if that works for you I can!

Go ahead, if you simply read through the blog, go back and do the exercise and see what comes up for you, and more importantly, let me know what results show up.

Until next time, #FreeYourFlow

PS: As mentioned, I do work one on one, and we do workshops to help you with creating better faster easier results in life and business with less stress and more flow… contact me if you’re interested coaching or my workshops.

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